Satchel & Cross Body Adda Plus Komatsu Onibegie

299.00 лв 240.00 лв

This black zippered shoulder strap can be worn on its own, either as a minimal crossbody bag or around the waist. Using the matt black carabiner clips, the ADDA PLUS can be attached to other côte&ciel products as an additional accessory, functioning as a carrying strap or extra storage compartment on bags. It's additional expandable inside pocket can furthermore provide additional space for items to carry.


  • capacity (litres)0.8
  • capacity - expanded (litres)2.4
  • colorBlack
  • composition100% Recycled Nylon
  • deviceN/A
  • featureShowerproof, Expandable compartment
  • materialKomatsu Onibegie Nylon
  • sku29013
  • styleCrossbody, Accessories
  • height8.5
  • length0
  • width43
  • weight0.19 kg