Maharishi - Camo Bandana

219.00 лв 70.00 лв

Japanese Cupro Twill · DPM: ARVN · Disruptive Pattern Material

An extremely rare disruptive pattern worn by paratroopers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and then adopted by some of the U.S. advisors to the ARVN. Their own U.S. uniforms were re-made in the Vietnamese pattern in local factories or tailor shops - in part because this helped show some solidarity with the ARVN, and in part because of the popularity of the pattern itself during the 1960s.

  • Can be worn as bandana or face mask
  • 55cm x 55cm

Vegetable dyed eco-cupro twill is made in Japan from recovered cotton waste. It handles like silk, but breathes and regulates body temperature like cotton. Sandwashed for a soft finish.