Maharishi - Camo Shorts - Green

529.00 лв 190.00 лв

Cotton Poplin purples · Disruptive Pattern Material · Airborne Camouflage

DPM: ARVN Paratroop, also known as ‘Purples’, ‘Bullet-proofs’ or ‘Bloodcake’ is a rare camouflage of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, circa 1968, worn by many of the U.S. Special Forces Advisors, who were invited to Vietnam, to advise

  • Two rear flap pockets with press snap closures
  • Two cargo pockets with cargo straps
  • Fixed waist with belt loops

1960’s era U.S. Army cotton poplin, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. This lightweight cloth was introduced when the U.S. were invited to advise in Vietnam, and required a lighter cloth suitable for tropical conditions.

The cargo straps are designed to be tied around the leg to secure cargo within the pocket and inhibit unwanted movement of the contents. The straps may also be concealed, hidden within the pocket, by passing them through a small button hole or left loose as pictured, flying in the wind.

Size: L