Acronym - Windstopper® Interops Jacket

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J36-WS is a next generation Acronym Interops jacket. Combining some of our oldest ideas with some of our newest techniques, its every aspect has been carefully considered.

The slanted flak pocket aligns perfectly with 3A INTEROPSǽ bag straps allowing for quick right-handed access. The pocket also hides the mount for a Fidlock® magnetic dock point, giving the jacket a kind of 'automatic lock'; with or without closing the main zip. Fidlock® is also compatible with the center front EscapeZipǽ ('automatic open'). The 3D collar ridge stabilizes the collar even when the jacket is worn open. It does the same with the unpacked hood, keeping it tight to the body; ideal for use at speed. And if that's not stable enough, simply roll the Fast Hoodǽ and stow it away in seconds flat, sight unseen.

A combination of old world and new, the KG fit block is a hybrid of vintage Japanese kimono and modern technical sportswear pattern making. Generous (zero resistance DFMA fit) yet economical (minimal seams, tape, and weight), it feels light and effortless.

SKU: SS24/J36-WS/B

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